With 9 shooting spaces, 5 control rooms and 2 OB trucks, United Studios are the largest and most advanced multi-camera services providers in Israel.
From small “one on one” and new media productions, through kids shows, cooking shows, morning shows and late-nights, and up to dramas and large prime time reality shows, game-shows and specials, rather live or taped – all can be shot at our facilities. Located on the outskirts of Tel-Aviv, on a 44,000 square meters property, and with every service a production may need all within reach, including production offices and props and sets storage, post-production services, ENG crews and archive. It’s no wonder that United Studios are the first choice of most local and international production companies.

For over 50 years, our highly experienced crews and state of the art equipment have been used by major broadcasters and large production companies in Israel, and many international bodies, to create high-end content of all kinds.

For more info on our studios,
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Yuval Matari