Produced for: Channel 10, Israel
Episodes: 16 x 30 mins
Time slot: Weekly primetime
Genre: Social Experiments, Entertainment

When you interview people on television they try to be polite and politically corrct. Now you can find out what the people really think in this new hidden-camera social experiment format from the stellar team that behind you successful international game shows “Deal with it” and “Who’s Asking”, and the hit celebrity prank show Ambush.

Each week two acerbically comedic hosts present comical social-experiment segments acted by a cast of unknown comic actors and filmed with a hidden camera. The segments serve as the nation’s reality check and test people’s opinions and attitudes on various polarizing subjects.

The hosts watch the segments in the studio and comment on them, and also bring to the studio famous guests that are relevant to the segments. In addition, each week a comedienne shares with the hosts and the viewers the top 5 results of a national survey about different Israeli topics, such as, what do people lie about the most, in which occupations would you prefer a male? Which occupation Israelis hate the most? Etc.

The result – a weekly entertaining and eye-opening snapshot of what the nation’s citizens really think, and how they react in different socially and morally challenging situations.