The sweet is not as sweet without the sour
Produced for : Reshet TV (2007)
Episodes: 20 x 33 mins
Time slot: Prime weekly

A comedic drama about a dysfunctional family that happens to be compiled of culture icons.
“Sweet As Honey” tells the story of an unconventional family which is constantly breaking-up and reuniting by the hour, day and episode, and presents a whole cast of eccentric figures.
The main characters are a father and daughter who portray themselves. The father is a former mythological and highly acclaimed comedian and she is his daughter, a spoiled and troubled woman in her early thirties that refuses to leave home.
Through their relationships with friends,family,coworkers and themselves they find the true meaning of kinship.

The series portrays a radical and hilarious family life while using scathing and inimitable language the likes of which has never been seen or heard on TV.rmodel Bar Refaeli in her first acting experience!