The rise to power has never been so misguided
Produced for :Keshet TV (2009)
Episodes: 26 x 30 mins
Time slot: Weekly primetime

A satirical sitcom that revolves around the world of politics. Robbie Polishuk is an anonymous politician that his day consists of pointless meetings, signing unimportant papers and watching the view of the parliament from his office window. One day, at a surprising turn of events Polishuk becomes the minister of social promotion. Suddenly, he is one of the backbones of the prime ministers agenda and well known politician, responsible for the jobs of Millions.

Surrounded by his coworkers, friends and family ,Polishuk is overwhelmed at first but quickly adapts to his new position – too quickly. “Polishuk” is a hilarious and touching sitcom that will let itself into people’s hearts and take a better look at themselves.