Produced for: channel 10
Episodes: 125 X 35 mins
Time slot: Daily show

A daily drama set in a closed Air Force base, where pilot’s families live in a bubble, transparent and stifling, which is ripe soil for scandals, plots, hatred, love
affairs, and much more.

A young and beautiful military investigator is trying to find out the truth about a
series of suspicious near-fatal accidents in the squadron. Not only is she blocked
by the “boys”, but she becomes the center of rivalry between two young pilots
who are in love with her – one, a childhood friend, and the second an ex-lover.

This is the backdrop for many fascinating characters and stories: the squadron
commander and his wife, still morning their son’s death; his second in command
who tries to keep his wife at bay, while she tries to find her own path in life; a
female fighter pilot who tries to conquer her place in this male dominant and
chauvinist environment and the traitorous, wicked and ambitious pilot’s wife
who is determined to have the whole base at her back and call.

The series focuses on the pilots’ wives – beautiful, sexy, strong women, married
to the most desirable men, all living in one close knit community and interacting
in dramatic, intensive ways.

The main love triangle and the side stories all bring to light many real life issues
such as infertility, betrayal, bereavement, stigmas and stereotypes, all woven
together with glamour and ideals of loyalty and patriotism in one elite fighter