37 men, women and children disappeared overnight. Who will find them? where? And most importantly – how?
Produced for: HOT, (2009- 2010)
Episodes: 18 x 40 mins
Time slot: Weekly primetime

A suspense and mystery series about the disappearance of the local inhabitants of an isolated town.

Pillars of Smoke is a pastoral haven that was built far away from modern civilization. The young, idealistic members of the settlement, led by a mysterious and charismatic man, were carefully selected from around the country and pledged their commitment to a new life in nature. Now, three years later, these idealists appear to have taken another step into an even darker region. On his morning rounds, the local mail carrier discovers the small town has disappeared – deserted, its 37 members– men, women and children– gone, without a trace.

A young female police investigator from the city is dispatched to track down the missing town members. Her field of expertise and obsession is tracking cults and new religious movements. She is convinced that the members of Pillars of Smoke were cult members led astray by their leader, whom she has been tracking for years. Now she fears the worst: that the members of the town followed the leader to a tragic fate.

The race against time is on.