Fly me up, fly me down
Produced for: Channel 10
Episodes: 100 X 33 mins
Time slot: Daily access primetime

A hilarious, innovative, glorious and emotional daily prime time show which revolves around the adventures of a small airlines’ crew. Through personal and professional relationships, the daily routine work which is anything but regular, the different clients and much more, we witness the lives of air crews in a witty way. In the center are the characters of Shira and Jasmine, two beautiful air crew members who have just completed their professional course. They are thrown n to the lion’s den and immediately face the difficulties of the job – chauvinistic pilots, older and fierce stewardesses ,disgruntled clients and more, The series, a colorful combination between “Dynasty” and “Sex and the City”, presents their first acquaintance with their veteran colleagues and their exposure to the advantages and disadvantages of joining the Jet society.
The show stars supermodel Bar Refaeli in her first acting experience!