Produced for: Reshet TV, Channel 2,
Episodes: 15 seasons X 45 mins
Time slot: Primetime

A candid camera and funny home videos show which has been rated at the top of the rating list in Israel for over a decade.
It is a studio based show hosted by Yigal Shilon, who established the candid camera genre in Israel. The show has been running for 15 seasons and could fit your audience as a completed program. We could choose for you the best ones (40 min long each). The program is usually comprised of a main candid camera plot in which Yigal Shilon’s team are punking one of the leading celebs in Israel through building a complicated story which lasts most of the show. There are also bloopers and funny home videos section at the show, as well as a funny panel at the studio, comprising of all the characters involved in the main punk, revealing and exposing the way it was done and received by the main punked.