Produced for: Channel 10
Episodes: 26 X 33 mins
Time slot: Weekly primetime

Einat Almog is a beautiful young woman, sharp-tongued, opinionated and ambitious. She leads her bourgeois life in the big city with a great job, in a designer flat with a loving boyfriend – everything she ever wanted.
Einat’s life reaches a turning point when she receives upsetting news: her father, who abandoned her and her mother when she was a child, has passed away and left her as inheritance a losing soccer team.

The first meeting with the team is emotionally charged and complex. The world of soccer is foreign to her and alienating, and reminds her of her father, old neighborhood, her old life.
She decides to dismantle the team and get rid of the liability but things are never as simple as they seem and the team reveals itself as a source of income for entire families; the faces behind the losing numbers unveil warm, simple good hearted people fighting for what they value most. And then there is Assi Ben Bassat, the team’s veteran and most successful player who manages to penetrate Einav’s defensive walls .He ignites love; a love that mediates between two worlds and raises a storm inside her.