A modern fairy tale
Produced for: Channel 10
Episodes: 9 X 30 mins
Time slot: Prime weekly
Dana Berman is a television star who has all a girl could want – a successful career, love of the people and the perfect boyfriend.
One day she comes home to discover that her perfect boyfriend left her without notice. Destroyed, she sinks into depression and engages in pathetic attempts to get him back. Dana’s good friend, Mika, suggests that Dana will give herself an image boost by sleeping with the first man she meets. Indiscriminately and with understandable apathy, Dana decides to take her friends advice and sleeps with her car mechanic Oren, assuming that she will never meet him again. She is wrong; the chance encounters blossoms surprisingly and slowly, though not without obstacles, into a love story, a story in which two people who come from opposite places try to find the shortest way to happiness.
Besides the central story, the series follows Mika’s exploits. She is a man hunter who on the surface seems to take life lightly but always finds herself with a broken heart. We are also introduced to Ami, Oren’s cousin, who is secretly in love with Mika and does all he can to capture her heart, in vain.
“Love hurts” is a romantic drama about young Israelis at the beginning of the millennium, but above all it is a series that has great faith in the power of love.
The hit comic drama has been selected as best TV series of the Israeli TV academy for 2005.