Business, pleasure included
Produced for: channel 2
Episodes: 270 X 30 mins
Time slot: Daily access primetime

A daily drama series for the 21st century, a time when modern society is going through many changes.
The tranquility of a typical neighborhood is threatened when a large, avaricious pizza franchise decides to open a branch on the same street as a high-quality, family-style pizzeria which has been there for more than 20 years. Can the neighborhood pizzeria survive in the face of the powerful franchise?

That is the basis for an exciting, sophisticated and sizzling daily drama.
The central love story takes place between Alona, the neighborhood pizzeria owner’s daughter, and Lior, the owner of the pizzeria chain’s son. The business conflict between them threatens the relationship gradually forming between them.
The series portrays light issues and complicated dilemmas, heart-breaking grief, and deep, powerful relationships which grow between the characters. They are of a broad range of ages and their personalities are typical of people found the world over.
“Love around the Corner” is the most-viewed Israeli daytime series of all time. It was broadcast on Israel’s main television channel, and its ratings surpassed not only those of its competitors, but also those of many prime-time programs on the channel.