Light And Truth
Produced for: YES
Episodes: 12 X 42 mins
Time slot: Weekly primetime

Light and Truth (Urim Ve’tumim) is a drama-noir series that takes place in Har Zur, a fictional high school Yeshiva (a Yeshiva is an institution in classical Judaism for the study of its traditional, central texts). The elitist and highly demanding Yeshiva takes pride in raising the next generation of bright students in the Jewish Zionist world.
When one of the students stumbles upon the body of his roommate in a reservoir, his investigation uncovers the lives and secrets of the rabbis, students and their parents.

The critics praise:
“Urimm VeTummim is a suspenseful, pretty, sophisticated series with an agenda. This is one of the most interesting shows to debut in Israel over the last few years…It’s a fascinating and hypnotic series that is well worth watching.”

“The storyline unfold in an unforced way, and it manages to keep the viewer’s suspense at an adequate level without using vulgar means.”
This is how you create drama, this is how you create interest, and this is what a quality product, that hasn’t been covered in powdered sugar to cover up the stench of mold, smells like.