That’s serious entertainment!
Genre: Hidden camera / 30 minutes/ family viewing
Produced for: the Children’s Channel
Episodes: 12 x 30 minutes.

A second season (12 episodes) is in production.

From the makers of the hit international hidden camera game show Deal With It comes Kidding Around – the new hidden camera sensation for the entire family.
The series gives kids the opportunity to play pranks on their favorite celebrities and unsuspecting adults.
Each show includes several segments in which the kids create some mischief: A big celebrity prank devised and executed by the hosts and the kids; a phone prank competition to see who manages to keep the conversation going the longest; hidden camera moments at the shopping mall; a home videos and bloopers contest, as well as all-time favorite clips.
Kidding Round quickly became a hit on the leading children’s channel in Israel, doubling the ratings of its time slot, and breaking VOD and online viewing record for the channel.