Produced for: Disney Channel Israel
Episodes: 20 x 22 mins
Time slot: Weekly primetime

Yonni is a gifted basketball player but a very mediocre student. By chance he joins the Olympus boarding school for gifted students. He’s not really into studying and prefers to spend his time having fun, hanging out with girls, and playing basketball. However, during his time at Olympus he realizes that the people he’s met are going to become his best friends for life.
They are Adam – the school geek and Yonni’s roommate; Alma – a gifted musician who treats just as a friend; Noa – a painter and animal lover with Joie de Vivre an optimistic view on life.
Rounding out the cast of characters are the bizarre teachers, the manipulative cafeteria operator and guest appearances by famous actors.

Throughout the series Yonni, Adam, Alma and Noa go on a personal journey in which they realize the importance of friendships, and, of course, having fun during the school year.
Gifted is the first original series produced by Disney Channel Israel.