Genre: Factual-entertainment
Duration: 30 mins
Distributed by: Armoza Formats

When an invitation for the event of the year arrives, it’s time to call on the people who know you best and head to the mall to pick out the perfect outfit. But who will dress you better – the trendy sister, conservative boyfriend, critical mother-in-law or stylish gay friend? The candidate will give each friend a fixed budget and 2 hours to choose the perfect look!
As the shopping spree unfolds, 2 professional stylists critique from the sidelines, providing hilarious commentary and relevant style tips. When each friend has selected their final outfit, the dress-up diva’s online network of friends will vote for the winning outfit by “liking” their favorite on Facebook. She’ll then wear whichever outfit is voted the most popular, and our cameras will follow her to the event to capture the reactions of all of the guests!