Produced for: YES Satellite TV
Episodes: 265 X 35 mins
Time slot: Weekly primetime

It all started with a missile…
The dramatic series follows the life of Junior High students who take part in “young initiators” project at school, in which they must come up with an interesting, innovative and practical invention. They must also play according to the adults world- plan the invention, recruit the funding for its development’ market and sell it. The winner team will take part in the world wide competition to be held in the Netherlands.

With a delicate blend of drama and comedy, Big Deal explores the world of today’s teenagers – high school culture, pressure from teachers, the internet, relationships with parents and siblings, and most of all the awakening of physical attraction to the opposite sex. The series has become a huge hit among kids and teens since its debut on Israel’s Children Channel, and was nominated for Best Children Series two years in a row, at the prestigious Ofir Television Awards, with its lead actors winning the Best Actor and Best Actress awards in 2006.