What happens when your friends and family take total control of your love life and decide to find your one and only, at all costs? They may be the ones who know you best, but that does not necessarily mean they know better!

Produced for: Channel 10
Episodes: 2 seasons X 25 X 33 mins
Time slot: Weekly primetime

A dating gameshow in which every week we follow the personal story of a single man or woman on a special 24 hours trip, while their closest three friends/ relatives/ colleagues and acquaintances will try to find them true love. The documentary trip will intensify as the single will be forced to embrace the friends’ decision, and go on a date with the two candidates, chosen following a hilarious auditions phase. Following two successful (or not…) dates, our single is headed to the airport from where he will leave on an exotic one week vacation with his dream date. But who will it be?
That is where the show ends, but a new love story begins…

Distributer: Armoza Formats