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Herzelia Studios (United Studios of Israel .) is the biggest production house in Israel and one of the key content providers on the local TV market.

Owned by Taya Communications, a public company traded on the Israeli stock exchange, and by Spilman family, United Studios is an established company that has set the pace for video production and TV content for the last 70 years.

The studios were founded in 1949 by Mrs. Margot Klausner. The company currently controls 15% of the local production market and 40% of the facilities and services market.

With more than 1000 TV hours produced within the last year, a library of more than 10,000 hours of content, 150 full time experienced employees and 175 freelancers, our studios serve as a convenient and complete “one-stop” production and broadcast center.

A creative powerhouse, specifically in the fiction space, USI’s content development and production arm works with the finest talent in Israeli television and develops and produces high-quality, award-winning programming across a wide range of genres, including drama and comedy, game shows, factual entertainment and current affairs, for national and international broadcasters.

Among USI’s recent projects are: The high-end series Autonomies ( 6 episodes 40 mins) , Juda (8 episodes x 40mins, HOT), The Exchange Principle (10 episodes, HOT), Atlantica (10 episodes x 40 minutes, HOT), the multi episode series The Combat Medics (40 episodes x 35mins, YES), Zagouri Empire (51 episoes x 35 mins, HOT), the comedy series La Famiglia (3 seasons, Channel 10), Chateau Ein Karem (15 episodes x 25 minutes, Channel 10) children series The Lodge (The Disney Channel), Big Deal (Yes Kidz). Its successful game shows Raid the Cage, Deal With It, and Who’s’ Asking have been produced in more than 20 territories.

The International Department focuses on expanding the studios’ activities in the global market with acquisition of international formats, promotion of international co-productions, distribution, provision of services to international companies, the promotion of initiatives, development and investments abroad, and much more. Continue…

The New Media Department was founded in 2006 with the aim of penetrating the new media market and establishing the studio as a leading player in the field. The department initiates, develops and produces unique content specifically for the internet and cellular platforms.

The Studios- Our clients can choose from 9 state-of-the-art digital studios, suitable for various programming. The studios feature the most advanced equipment available and are operated by top experienced professionals. 

Our services -The broadcast and post-production facilities comprise 30 advanced digital editing suites, sound and animation studios, OB Van and a trained, experienced staff, which together provide everything necessary for the production of the highest-quality television products possible. 

Archives Department -United Studios is proud of its collection of rare footage which provides a unique glimpse into the most important and exciting historic events of the first decades of the State of Israel in politics, news, culture, sports, music, cinema, and more. 


Herzelia Studios (United Studios Ltd.) is the biggest production house in Israel and one of the key content providers on the local TV market.

1949 – The founding of the United Studios – an important landmark in the development of the Israeli television and film industry.
The Israeli television industry currently comprises dozens of broadcast entities and thousands of workers. However, in the 50’s and 60’s, the industry began and ended with one woman only, Margot Klausner. Mrs. Klausner founded the United Studios in 1949, hoping that one day the new state of Israel would become a communications enterprise.
Financial considerations played no part in this enthusiastic, pioneering initiative. No one tried to figure out how profitable this enterprise would be in a small country, with no infrastructure or equipment and with such an inexperienced staff compared with the experience and finances of similar international companies.
Despite the countless difficulties and obstacles, Mrs. Margot Klausner managed to turn her vision into a reality, and for 20 years, until her passing in 1975, she served as the chairman and acting president of the new studios.

During that period the studios produced over 1,000 documentary films, 850 daily advertising broadcasts, 390 daily news reels, 1,100 video productions for Israel television, 850 color satellite broadcasts to foreign countries, and no less than 100 different feature films.

Most of the Israeli film industry’s important movies were made at Margot Klausner’s United Studios, including “The Big Dig,” “Kuni Lemel,” “Hole in the Moon,” “Officer Azulai,” “I Love Rosa,” “Hill 24 Doesn’t Answer,” “Peeping Toms,” “The Band” and many more.